This I gotta see

This I gotta see

Indlægaf * » søndag, 08. oktober 2006 18:02

This bloke was getting married. On the day of the wedding, he said to his parrot, "Listen, I know you're always in that bloody window. My wife and I are coming back here to pack after the wedding, and no matter what you hear, do not turn around or I'll break your damned neck! We want some privacy!"
The parrot reluctantly agrees. The happy couple then come back from the wedding and start packing, but they can't get the suitcase closed.
"Get on top," says the bloke, "That'll do it."
She gives it a shot, but despite much effort and grunting, it doesn't close.
The wife then says "Look, you get on top, that'll be better."
They heave away again, with no luck.
Finally, the bloke says "I tell you what, let's both get on top: that should fix it."
On hearing this, the parrot immediately turns around and says "Neck or no neck, this I've got to see."

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