Bigger Boobs.

Bigger Boobs.

Indlægaf - » torsdag, 09. november 2006 04:27

There was a lady who was unhappy with her boobs, she wanted bigger ones.
She went to Dr. Smith and he told her, "After you wake up in the morning, rub your boobs and say Scoobie Doobie Doobies,
I Want Bigger Boobies!" And you’ll have bigger boobs in no time.

The woman does this for about a month, and she is so impressed, she has lovely D cups now!

One day, on her way to work on the bus, she realizes she has forgotton her morning ritual, worried that she might lose her lovely D’s,
she stands right there in the middle of the bus and says while rubbing her boobs "Scoobie Doobie Doobies, I Want Bigger Boobies!"

A man sitting close to her reaches up and tugs on her sleeve. "Yes?" replies the woman. "Are you by any chance a patient of Dr. Smith?"
The man says.

"Yes, but how did you know?" says the woman.

The man leans closer, winks and says "Hickary Dickary Dock......"

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