The fan!

The fan!

Indlægaf * » søndag, 01. oktober 2006 16:28

Tommy is a man who's always at work and does'nt see his wife much, but then one day Tommy dies and goes to heaven, when he walks around he sees
like a million clocks hanging everywhere.

Tommy doesn't understand, so he asks around. Somebody says the following:
These are the clocks of the people who are still alive down there, and when somebody has s e x the clock moves one "tick" further.

Tommy gets it and he starts looking around, after an hour of looking around he goes back to the man and tells him that he can't find the clock of his wife. The man asks the wifes name. Tommy says it's sandy. and then the man laughs.

Tommy asks: why are you laughing?

The man says: Sandy's clock is hanging in the kitchen, we use it as a Fan!

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