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Norden(Dld) 21okt., 2006.

Indlæg: onsdag, 11. oktober 2006 22:51
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Hello, on the 21th of okt. there will be a oldies 50cc cross race in the Halbemond Speedway Stadion in Norden(Dld). I am looking for people with a oldie 50cc cross such as gebbenkreidler, van veenkreidler or any other type crosser to join us in that race. We will race 4 manches of 5 rounds on the oval of this great speedway stadion. You can sign in by mail to me at or call to the Netherlands at 0521-592647 and ask for theun. It would be great if we had any Danish participators too, already some German and Dutch guys did sign in.

greetings theun